Who else wants to recover 21% of abandoned carts?

21% - that's the average recovery rate we get for our clients. No additional monthly fees, no time required on your end, and no emails used.

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Emails only convert 7% of carts, but why?

Inboxes are crowded.

You are not the only one trying to get their attention. Your customers are overwhelmed with offers every day, and if yours can't stand out, you won't get a sale!

People have questions.

People hesitate to buy because they have a few questions about the product that a simple recovery email can't answer, therefore, if people don’t get those questions answered you're not recovering those sales!

How much is this REALLY costing YOU?



With Email

Customers received a three day abandoned cart email sequence to their inbox with Klaviyo.

18 orders recovered



With Our Texts

Customers received personalized abandoned cart text messages from LiveRecover.

63 orders recovered

-259% Less Conversions

Here's a client test results. Their emails convert at 7% but our text messages convert at 21%. How much is that difference worth to you?

Here's how we convert 21% of abandoned carts:

Step 1

Someone was close to purchasing, but didn't finish checking out.

During your checkout process, some people input their contact info. Our Shopify integration will automatically collect that contact info so we can follow up with those customers.

Integrates with Shopify

Step 2

We text them manually to see why they didn't complete their purchase.

We use their contact info from the checkout process and contact them manually to understand why they didn’t purchase. The goal is to answer their questions and help them make a decision to buy.

46% of customers reply to our texts because we don’t force a sale. We’re here to help them, not annoy them.

We have a real team of people behind these texts to make them personalized and optimized for conversions (and trust). It doesn't require any time or effort on your end.

Step 3

We answer their questions so they can feel comfortable purchasing.

Some people hesitate to buy because of a few simple questions. An email can't answer these, but we can! A few common types of questions that we answer that delay the purchase are: shipping related, fit or measurement, and product-specific questions.

Where do we get this info?

We get answers from your FAQ's, product descriptions or forward people to your support team (last resort). This way, we help out your customers and represent your brand correctly.

Step 4

With a small discount, we end up converting them into sales.

These people are hesitant to buy but usually (around 20% of the time) answering a few questions and giving them a small discount with a link back to their cart will get them to buy your products.

What type of discount do you provide them?

It's all up to you! It can be a percentage based, or free shipping discount.

"How much does it cost?" Nothing.

100% Performance-Based.

That means we don't get paid unless you do. You only pay a small commission fee for the sales we bring you — zero risk for you and win/win alignment for us.

No monthly fees, and no contracts.

We base our commission fee on your monthly average order value. We'll work with you to find the right commission rate that best suits your business.

Words from Some of Our Happy Clients

Matt Safian

It's been only two months since we started using LiveRecover. In that time, they already doubled our revenue from abandoned carts. Did I think this was possible when I signed up? No way! These guys know how to get results!

Josh Savinson, Bluecrate

LiveRecover has been a complete game changer for us. It outperforms email by a large margin and gives us comprehensive insights into why our customers don't finish checkout. I recommend LiveRecover to every eCommerce store owner I know.

John Lenahan, ModSun

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