Who else wants to recover 21% of abandoned carts?

Powered by real people, LiveRecover contacts, engages, and converts your abandoned carts into sales for you over text message.

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Real Human Conversations

We follow up with customers manually. This allows us to answer customer questions in real-time to help convert the abandoned cart into a sale.

No Time Required from You

LiveRecover is always working on your behalf. Our live agents are contacting your customers seven days a week, from 8am-9pm in their timezone.

Fast and Easy Setup

Setup and live within minutes. Connect your eCommerce platform to LiveRecover and we'll automatically sync your abandoned carts.

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Here's how we convert 21% of abandoned carts

Step 1

Someone was close to purchasing, but didn't finish checking out.

During your checkout process, some people input their contact info. Our eCommerce integrations will automatically collect that contact info so we can follow up with those customers.

Step 2

We text them manually to see why they didn't complete their purchase.

We use their contact info from the checkout process and contact them manually to understand why they didn’t purchase. The goal is to answer their questions and help them make a decision to buy.

  • 46% of customers reply to our texts because we don’t force a sale. We’re here to help them, not annoy them.
  • We have a real team of people behind these texts to make them personalized and optimized for conversions (and trust). It doesn't require any time or effort on your end.
Step 3

We answer their questions so they can feel comfortable purchasing.

Some people hesitate to buy because of a few simple questions. An email can't answer these, but we can! A few common types of questions that we answer that delay the purchase are: shipping related, fit or measurement, and product-specific questions.

  • Where do we get this info? We get answers from your FAQ's, product descriptions or forward people to your support team (last resort). This way, we help out your customers and represent your brand correctly.
Step 4

With a small discount, we end up converting them into sales.

These people are hesitant to buy but usually (around 20% of the time) answering a few questions and giving them a small discount with a link back to their cart will get them to buy your products.

  • What type of discount do you provide them? It's all up to you! It can be a percentage based, or free shipping discount.

Powerful features

LiveRecover comes with features designed to maximize conversion
Conversion Reports

Advanced conversation insights and conversion reports

Cart Segmentation

Powerful segmentation based on specific cart conditions

Full Conversation Visibility

View our conversations with your customers in real-time

Unique Discount Codes

Unique one-time discount code generated for each customer

Integrates with your favorite eCommerce platforms

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“The ROI on SMS abandoned cart recovery with LiveRecover makes this a no brainer for our brand and clients.”
Daniel Snow
The Snow Agency
“Recovering abandoned cart sales using live agents through text message has never been this easy. LiveRecover feels like an extension of my support team!”
Ashwin Sokke
WOW Skin Science
“I switched from automated cart recovery texts to LiveRecover human text messages and started recovering 250% more abandoned carts.”
Ashley Goldberg

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