3 Ways to Boost Your BFCM Sales with LiveRecover

Last year saw a record-breaking amount of mobile shopping, according to Shopify, with a 19% increase from 2021 to 2022. And this year is going to be the biggest holiday shopping year yet. SMS must be a part of your BFCM campaign strategy—especially for growing net new customers. That’s where LiveRecover’s flexibility comes in to increase your sales beyond your current SMS and email stack.

LiveRecover just upgraded to version 2.0, which provides better UI, boosted insights, and for Pro users, more customization over workflows and message wording, and advanced discount controls. Using P2P messaging (Person-to-Person) vs. A2P (application-to-person), LiveRecover’s team of live chat agents can text your abandoned checkouts when they’re ripest for conversion. 

ICYMI: LiveRecover 2.0 is rolling out now to all stores! 

Fine-tuning your LiveRecover strategy for the holidays can help you capture more net new customers, boost AOV, and maximize your sales potential. Here are some ways to harness LiveRecover to its fullest during Q4, whether or not you’re running a sale.

1. Get In the Spirit with On-brand Workflow Messages

Just like a Hinge exchange, first impressions make or break a SMS interaction. It’s all part of one big shopping experience when everyone and their uncle is running a sale. 

You already know your workflow messages reflect your brand's voice as LiveRecover agents can tap into your resources and FAQs. An added human touch where possible brings the real magic to the season.

This fall, hair and beauty brand KITSCH tested new messaging from LiveRecover's agents to add more human reassurance like this: "Hey Maria, this is Steve from KITSCH... and yes, I'm a real person, not a robot 🙂!"

This human-message change resulted in a 20% reply rate increase, 2x overall conversion rate, and 48% increase in total sales! It’s worth making the tweak.

Consider these personalized message suggestions for the holidays:

  • "Hey Maria! This is Sarah from Coolest Brand—thanks for dropping by during our BFCM sale! Noticed you had your eyes on The Coolest Product. How about I check if there's a special discount I can offer?"
  • "Hey Maria! It's Sarah again from Coolest Brand. Just wanted to remind you that our Black Friday sale ends in 24 hours—be sure to checkout your cart before the offer runs out. I'm here in real-time, ready to answer any questions you might have. Happy shopping! 😊"

Now that you’ve got your message (easy!), you need to figure out your offer.

2. Make The LiveRecover Offer Shine

To ensure a seamless shopping experience for your customers, make sure that the special offers or discounts you're giving via LiveRecover are a better offer than those being promoted on your website, emails, or social media channels. You won’t be doing yourself (or new customers) any favors if you’re only offering the same promotion they can get as using your catchall sale code.

We recommend saving your biggest discount for running LiveRecover to turn those abandonment cart into new customers. For example, if your holiday shipping sale is 25% off everything, do 30% off for LiveRecover respondents. 

3. Leverage Advanced Discounts for Tailored Offers

Sometimes it takes more than money savings to convert a new shopper. Shopify launched the ability to combine discounts, and we’re here for it.

With LiveRecover’s Advanced Discounts feature, sellers can now merge Product discounts with other enticing offers such as Free Shipping. And when 90% of U.S. shoppers use free shipping coupons, it’s no wonder LiveRecover brands are already layering on Free Shipping as part of their BFCM strategy.

For instance, if you're selling a popular item at a special BFCM discount, you could sweeten the deal further by throwing in free shipping or a complimentary item (hello, bundles!) with your LiveRecover offer. Creating workflows that cater to specific sales items ensures a relevant, compelling deal they can’t turn down.

If you need assistance tweaking your workflows or upgrading your LiveRecover plan, our team is here to help.

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