LiveRecover is Now LiveRecover by Voyage SMS

Today, we are thrilled to announce that LiveRecover is joining Voyage SMS.

With Voyage and LiveRecover uniting as one team, we are excited to move our product to the next phase of delivering meaningful conversations that delight and drive eCommerce customers to action and advocacy.
SMS regulations, governed by laws ensuring privacy, consent, and protection against spam. Compliance vital for marketers to avoid penalties and maintain trust.

About Voyage SMS

Voyage SMS partners with leading brands to engage, convert, and delight customers through 1:1 personalized text messaging at scale. With Voyage, brands build long-term, valuable customer relationships via frictionless buying experiences, seamless two-way conversations, and custom, timely creative campaigns and automations. Growing, customer-obsessed organizations leverage the Voyage platform to quickly and intelligently scale their SMS subscriber base, drive revenue, and cultivate deeper customer loyalty. 

Voyage's SMS marketing and commerce platform serves leading D2C brands including Dragun Beauty, Homecourt, FLO Vitamins, Lokai, MoonPod, Birthdate Co, and more.

About the Fundraise and Acquisition

Voyage SMS, a leading provider in text messaging marketing and commerce, has two exciting announcements: The acquisition of LiveRecover, a human-in-the-loop (HTL) conversational messaging platform, and a $10M financing round with strategic participation from RiverPark Ventures and York IE. 

The round also includes support from leading angel investors including James Beshara (Clubhouse, Third Love), Patrick Falle (Avalara), and Vin McCauley (Founder of ButcherBox).

Voyage’s goal is to increase customer lifetime value for brands.

Voyage SMS is currently integrating LiveRecover’s technology and service into its full-stack SMS marketing, commerce and walkthrough platform. Together, Voyage SMS and LiveRecover create the power for brands to add human connection to customer engagement, increasing conversion rates across the customer journey and turning one-time buyers into repeat ones.

“With client acquisition costs (CAC) rising for brands, our platform is built to prioritize customer lifetime value over one-off revenue generation. Creating delightful experiences through mobile messaging channels like SMS is paramount to increasing customer lifetime value ” said Rev Reddy, CEO of Voyage SMS. “With the acquisition of LiveRecover we are able to combine human-powered conversations with intelligent automations, enabling growing brands to realize the full potential of conversational commerce. This acquisition and new financing takes us one step further in innovating on how brands are able to interact and build deep, long-lasting relationships with their customers.” 

Data has proven that human connection is key to building customer trust.

eCommerce sales numbers continue to soar, and Voyage SMS knows the importance of authentically connecting with customers, especially online. Despite the accessibility of the Internet, current platforms are not prioritizing human connection and trust when consumers choose to shop online. Voyage SMS is changing this.

"The quality of a brand’s customer engagement affects not only their reputation, but their relationship with their customers — returning and new. Voyage SMS is leading the way by personalizing SMS for each client’s needs. They deliver 20% conversion rates on abandoned carts with human-powered SMS, which is well above the industry standard. We are excited to invest in the business and for what’s ahead as they merge with LiveRecover. The future is bright,” says Kyle York, CEO and co-founder of York IE and an investor in Voyage.

As customer behavior continues to evolve, Voyage SMS and LiveRecover’s merge positions the company to lead the SMS marketing industry in personalized text messaging and engagement.

Learn more about Voyage SMS here.

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