SMS Marketing Stats for Shopify Merchants to Know

Smartphones are the first thing we check in the morning and the last thing we check at night. No matter where we are, they’re always by our sides. In fact, data shows that 88% of Americans feel uneasy about not having their phones nearby. We’ve become deeply used to having these devices on or near us at all times.

This reality presents a world of opportunity for businesses and marketers (especially those selling on Shopify!) looking to leverage an “always on” medium. SMS marketing allows merchants to reach customers where they already are. From new brands to established DTC merchants to brick-and-mortar stores, this powerful marketing tool is one marketers should pay close attention to for 2021.

Let’s get into the numbers around SMS marketing and look at why eCommerce brands should be using it and the benefits brands can find by putting it to good use.

Top SMS stats for Shopify merchants

If you’re selling products on Shopify, these statistics, facts, and figures are must-know information. No matter who your ideal customer is, two things hold true: First, they’re using their phones...a lot. Second, most of them want to engage with businesses via SMS. 

Here’s what else you need to know.

  • The average user spends about four hours per day checking his or her smartphone. (Learning Hub, 2020)
  • Brands can lose up to $18 billion a year in revenue from shopping cart abandonment. (CNBC, 2021)
  • 53% of shoppers will abandon their online purchase if they can’t find a quick answer to their questions. By identifying falling-off points and simplifying the experience, retailers can reconstruct top site-related mistakes that could be preventing retailers from making the sale.

  • 42% of Millennials admit to checking their texts ten times or more per day. (Learning Hub, 2020)

  • Native text messaging applications are the most used function on smartphones today. It’s three times higher than Facebook Messenger, six times higher than Whatsapp, and 11 times higher than Instagram. (EZ Texting, 2019)

  • 39% of businesses are already using texts to communicate with their customers, and 53% of marketers use SMS as part of their primary strategy. (Snapdesk, 2020)

  • 54% of consumers say they want to receive promotions via text, however, only 11% of businesses have sent promotions through SMS. (EZ Texting, 2019)

  • Most consumers read texts within five minutes of getting them and reply within three minutes. (EZ Texting, 2019)

  • With 77% of Americans owning a smartphone and 99% living in 4G-connected areas, SMS’s reach is far and wide. (CTIA, 2020)

SMS Marketing: Benefits for Shopify sellers

SMS marketing is in a period of rapid growth, but it’s still in the early stages of adoption by most brands selling on Shopify. For smart marketers who are looking for a way to get ahead of the curve, SMS presents a massive opportunity since it’s still widely underutilized. 

With that in mind, here are some of the advantages you’ll see once you start growing your SMS marketing strategy.

  • In 2016, only 32.7 million people opted in to receive SMS marketing. But by the end of 2020, that number stood at 48.7 million (99 Firms, 2021). 
  • 69% of people want to be able to contact a business via text, and 54% are frustrated when they’re unable to do so. Text is a great way to keep communicating in a direct and straightforward manner without the formality of email. (EZ Texting, 2019)
  • 23% of marketers are planning to use artificial intelligence-fueled chatbots to automate SMS, and 57% plan on doing so within the next couple of years. But is that a good idea? Maybe not. 74% of customers say they prefer getting help from a human, even over text. (Salesforce, 2020 and Learning Hub, 2020).

  • Most consumers check their phone within three minutes of waking up, and almost all consumers check it within 30 minutes post-wakeup. (EZ Texting, 2019)
  • More and more consumers are using SMS as a way to keep tabs on their orders. 75% of consumers want shipping updates, 65% ask about their order status and confirmations, and 43% request appointment reminders via text message. (Learning Hub, 2020)

  • 90% of customers enrolled in an SMS loyalty program had a positive experience with a brand. Translation: A happy customer is a repeat customer. (99 Firms, 2021)

SMS vs. email: Which is better?

Your customer got your email, but left it in the dreaded promotions tab...unread. However, if they opted-in to your SMS funnel, that’s an almost guaranteed way to reach your customers. 

Most people keep their phones within arm’s reach, so it’s a simple way to connect with a captive audience. Consider it direct access to your customers. Let’s dive into the numbers on this a bit more.

  • The average open rate for a text is nearly 100%, meaning they’re highly visible to customers and more likely to get a response. (EZ Texting, 2019)
  • Consumers are 134% more likely to respond to a text than an email. (Learning Hub, 2020)
  • SMS marketing has a spam rate of only 3% compared to email marketing’s spam rate of 53%. (CTIA, 2020)
  • 83% of customers would prefer a text over an email regarding appointment reminders. How about a promotion or discount via text? 54% of customers would love to receive a promotion or discount this way, but only 11% of businesses have picked up on it. (EZ Texting, 2019)

Final thoughts on SMS marketing

As the data shows, shoppers are open to engaging with brands via text, but few Shopify merchants have been bold enough to leap. That means there’s a major opportunity for brands and marketers wise enough to take action now (rather than waiting for mass adoption, over-saturation, and fierce competition for attention.)

If you’re looking for a partner in making that jump into SMS marketing, get started with LiveRecover today. Our team (of real humans!) will manually contact your customers, no matter the timezone, so you convert more abandoned carts and close more sales.

Try LiveRecover and see for yourself find out just how effective SMS marketing can be at driving more sales through your Shopify store.

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