How Disco Skincare Earned $30k from Recovered Cart Sales with LiveRecover

Disco Skincare is a direct-to-customer (DTC) men’s skincare brand. The company has a mission to make skincare more straightforward and prides itself on using clean ingredients, with products that are vegan as well as gluten, aluminum, cruelty, paraben and sulfate-free.


Busy building their brand, but missing out on tens of thousands of lost dollars through abandoned carts.

In a DTC market that never stands still, value driven cosmetics brand Disco Skincare knew it had to capitalize on every opportunity to successfully scale its brand.

To power the business forward, founder Ben Smith focused on many of the key touch points required for rapid growth—including product and brand development, marketing and advertising, and generating all-important media exposure.

However, there was still one critical area Ben hadn’t yet addressed: the huge challenge of cart abandonment.

Without this important piece of the e-commerce jigsaw in place, Disco was missing out on huge chunks of potential revenue. Just as problematic, they weren’t discovering the issues or questions behind why customers weren’t making a purchase.

“When we launched the business, we weren’t touching abandoned carts or SMS at all.

This made the value proposition of LiveRecover so helpful to us — first, it’s affordable, and second, once you set it up it provides free revenue you wouldn’t have recovered yourself.”

— Ben Smith, Founder, Disco Skincare


Human-powered cart recovery makes customers more comfortable with purchasing — with zero time burden on the Disco team.

Ben’s entrepreneurial spirit meant he was always on the lookout for tools and technologies that delivered results without taking up his team’s time. When he heard about LiveRecover, it felt like he’d found a golden ticket.

LiveRecover promised to take cart recovery entirely off Ben’s hands. Even better, they used real people to send personalized SMS messages and provided a human response to every customer question. With personalized experiences being the hallmark of all great DTC brands, having real people, not bots, contacting his customers was a big deal for Ben.

Getting started with LiveRecover was easy. In less than 10 minutes, Ben synced hisShopify e-commerce store with LiveRecover in a few clicks—and the magic started to happen!

LiveRecover’s integrations mean that contact details captured from every abandoned cart are automatically sent to LiveRecover. From Ben’s end, there’s literally nothing to do.

Next, LiveRecover’s agents manually contact every customer to find out why they didn’t purchase and answer any hesitations. Each personalized text is focused on helping the customer, and making them feel comfortable about making a purchase.

With instant access to documents such as FAQs and product descriptions,LiveRecover’s agents answer questions on everything from shipping to product related queries—all while representing Ben’s brand authentically. If necessary, they offer a small discount to provide that final nudge to convert carts into sales.

“LiveRecover is the ultimate turnkey solution—you just set it and forget it. It gives you the best possible outcome, without having todo any of the heavy lifting yourself.”

— Ben Smith, Founder, Disco Skincare


$30k of lost revenue recouped in a matter of months.

Almost instantly, revenue that Disco would never have otherwise captured started rolling into the business. Over the course of just a few short months, Disco earned $30,000 of revenue that, without LiveRecover, would have been lost.

LiveRecover saves the business a ton of time and money, too.

Ben estimates that to recover carts internally, he’d need to hire and pay someone at least$25k—and with no guaranteed results at the end of it. With LiveRecover, he eliminates that spend and gets 20%+ of abandoned carts turned into real revenue.

In other words, LiveRecover turns cart recovery from a potentially losing exercise into a winning one.

At a vital stage in its development, LiveRecover has brought significant additional income for Disco. As they continue to scale, LiveRecover will scale with them, enabling them to recover even more revenue through SMS, attract and retain more customers, and all without any of the associated effort.

"In my view, every DTC brand, large or small, should be doing abandoned cart SMS recovery with LiveRecover. It’s a tool that supports you and your brand, and improves your chances of success as a result.

It’s hard to imagine why any founder wouldn’t use LiveRecover.”

— Ben Smith, Founder, Disco Skincare

If you want to turn up to 30% of abandoned checkouts into real revenue? Get started with LiveRecover today.

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