How MONSTERBASS increased recovered checkouts by 160%

MONSTERBASS is the first and only fishing subscription to deliver baits that are hand-selected for where you live and fish.


Existing success, but massive untapped potential.

Since 2019, MONSTERBASS has used traditional SMS marketing tactics to great success — growing their SMS list to over 100,000 subscribers. SMS is their second-highest revenue-generating channel, surpassed only by Google Ads. The bulk of their SMS program revenue comes from one-time campaigns, and the highest-converting of which included triggered messages such as abandoned cart and checkout reminders. These triggered messages have an average conversion rate (CVR) of over 15%, but they only account for less than 1% of total eCommerce revenue.


Too many unaddressed abandoned checkouts with A2P SMS.

One of the biggest challenges of traditional SMS marketing (application-to-person aka A2P) is that it requires shoppers to be deep in the sales funnel in order for triggered messages to be sent. For example, shoppers must be opted-in to SMS, have an active cookie window, and have abandoned their cart on the same device that they opted in with. This means that with A2P-only SMS, roughly 90% of abandoned checkouts go untouched.


Person-to-person (P2P) SMS powered by live agents (aka brand ambassadors).

LiveRecover by Voyage offers a simple yet powerful solution to the gap left by A2P-only SMS. LiveRecover is a unique person-to-person (P2P) tool that deploys a team of highly-trained live agents (aka brand ambassadors) to message every single customer who provides their mobile phone number in the phone field at checkout. The TCPA does not require express written consent for person-to-person SMS, so reach and engagement expands exponentially. 


160% increase in abandoned checkouts recovered — a 3x higher recovery rate than A2P SMS.

Activating LiveRecover by Voyage led to a 160% increase in abandoned checkout recovery for MONSTERBASS. By compliantly engaging with customers outside of their SMS list with P2P messaging, over 1,000 additional orders were recovered that would have been missed with an A2P-only SMS solution. With LiveRecover by Voyage, MONSTERBASS drove an additional 4% in total eCommerce revenue. Messages sent by live agents had 3x the recovery rate of traditional automated SMS — giving MONSTERBASS an effective and simple way to dramatically increase revenue.

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