How Tenzo Tea increased revenue from abandoned checkouts by 117% with LiveRecover

Tenzo Tea is an organic matcha tea brand that sells direct to consumers, supplies cafes, and creates custom matcha products for leading CPG companies. Founded in 2016, Tenzo’s mission is to share the healthiest drink on the planet with the healthy lifestylers and self-optimizers of the world.


Navigating exponential growth, but missing out on recovering revenue from abandoned checkouts.

The incredible thing about eCommerce is that it allows brands with small teams to grow at a rapid pace and see incredible success. With a product that 99% of reviews saying they would recommend to a friend, it was no surprise that Tenzo saw explosive growth. 

Set on providing his customers with the best possible product and customer experience, Steve O’Dell, Co-founder and CEO of Tenzo, was hyper-focused on optimizing the most important parts of the funnel—including checkout abandonment. 

Steve understood the importance of finding a solution for abandoned checkouts and capturing the potential revenue that Tenzo was missing out on.


Live agents deliver customer insights and recover revenue through conversational texting.

On a mission to optimize Tenzo’s bottom-of-the-funnel and support their rapid growth, Steve found LiveRecover’s checkout recovery SMS platform and decided it was a good fit for the company’s needs. 

Steve loved how easy it was to get started with LiveRecover and that it completely took cart recovery off his team's to-do list. Not only was his team now able to focus their efforts elsewhere, but LiveRecover’s platform also uses real people to create meaningful conversations with customers that made it to checkout. 

These personalized conversations start after every checkout is abandoned to understand why customers didn’t buy. Knowledgeable agents power every text. They have the training and resources to answer all the common questions that make customers hesitant to buy—such as shipping, ingredients, and other product-specific queries. 

The agents also have the ability to offer a small discount, typically in the form of free shipping, to seal the deal.

Once Tenzo was integrated, Steve had immediate access to conversion reports and full visibility of all customer conversations. This total transparency provides actionable insights and shows hidden concerns that are preventing customers from buying. 

“LiveRecover is extraordinarily easy to use. Especially operating with a fairly small team, LiveRecover makes it so easy to not only get up and running but also see meaningful impact with hardly any lift on our end,” Steve said.


117% increase in revenue from recovered checkouts.

As a rapidly growing eCommerce company that puts hard work into marketing and nurturing leads, it is devastating to lose a customer right at the finish line. With LiveRecover agents creating an on-brand and tailored experience for each customer that abandoned their checkout, Tenzo has seen incredible results. 

“We saw meaningful impact right away,” said Steve. In just a few months, Tenzo saw revenue from recovered checkouts increase 117%. Not to mention that Tenzo has the opportunity to continue to nurture these customers to increase their customer lifetime value. 

“I tell other founders that you need to have LiveRecover as your immediate checkout abandonment solution. When a customer is hot and is right at the point of purchase, LiveRecover is incredible at helping you win customers.” 

Want to turn up to 30% of abandoned checkouts into real revenue? Get started with LiveRecover today.

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