KITSCH's CAC Makeover: $40K New Customer Revenue in a Month With LiveRecover

KITSCH is a woman-owned accessories, beauty, and lifestyle brand committed to creating high-quality products that are effortless.


Beauty industry status quo left new customers on the table. 

KITSCH, founded in 2010, started experiencing rapid growth in 2020 due to its e-commerce focus and success at major beauty retailers like Ulta. 

Historically, the brand relied on costly methods like paid media and influencer marketing to drive first-time customer conversions. But while its SMS program effectively boosted customer retention and encouraged repeat purchases, it wasn't optimized for attracting and converting first-time buyers.


Nailing customer retention, but limited reach and conversion of new buyers.

As is the biggest issue with paid media and influencer marketing, high customer acquisition costs ate away at KITSCH’s bottom line. And while the brand had a solid SMS program primarily focused on existing customers, these campaigns had a limited reach to potential first-time customers.


Human-powered SMS to high-intent shoppers (without an opt-in).

KITSCH recognized the need for a more efficient way to engage potential first-time customers who abandoned their online shopping carts. Seeing the value in going beyond automated solutions, the team decided to integrate LiveRecover into their e-commerce strategy.

LiveRecover provides a straightforward and effective way to addressing limitations of A2P messaging (automated SMS). Unlike automated texts, LiveRecover uses P2P (person-to-person), with a team of live agents to text abandoned-cart shoppers. When customers put their phone numbers in at checkout, these well-trained agents start a conversation. This method doesn't require customers to sign anything to receive texts, which means a lot more customers actually read and respond to the messages.


Upon implementing LiveRecover, KITSCH witnessed a remarkable—and immediate—transformation in their SMS marketing approach:

  • Increased Reach: LiveRecover enabled KITSCH to engage with any customer who had provided their phone number, without requiring them to opt-in for multiple texts.
  • Uptick in First-Time Conversions: KITSCH's first month on the LiveRecover platform saw an impressive uptick in first-time customer conversions.
  • Incremental Revenue: The results were tangible, with KITSCH generating an incremental $40,000 in first-time customer revenue within their initial month of using LiveRecover. 

Key Benefits

LiveRecover gave the KITSCH team a quick but lasting solution to turning high-intent shoppers into satisfied customers:

  • Cost-efficiency: LiveRecover provided an affordable and effective solution for reaching potential customers.
  • Improved Conversion Rates: KITSCH's optimized SMS cart recovery approach led to higher conversion rates among first-time shoppers.
  • Enhanced Revenue: The incremental revenue generated demonstrated the significant impact of LiveRecover on KITSCH's bottom line.

TL;DR: KITSCH's collaboration with LiveRecover not only resolved their SMS marketing challenges but also delivered impressive results in terms of first-time customer conversions and revenue growth. 

If the beauty industry teaches us anything, it's that the human touch of shopping is not dead; in fact, it’s the secret sauce for a wow-worthy SMS makeover.

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