Unlocking eCommerce Growth with Two-Way Text Messaging

How to Enhance Your eCommerce SMS Marketing Strategy with Two-Way Texting

In a world where customer experience is a top priority, eCommerce brands must go the extra mile to make their customers feel heard and valued. Delivering exceptional customer service isn’t always easy, especially when handling a large number of customers and inquiries. Fortunately, two-way texting offers brands an engaging way to communicate with customers, giving them the customized experiences they crave.

Gone are the days of real-time customer service being a luxury — it’s now a necessity. Today’s customers place high value on their experiences with your brand and two-way texting opens the door for back-and-forth conversations that boost engagement, build loyalty, and enhance the customer experience.

So, let's dive into the benefits of adding two-way text messaging to your SMS marketing strategy. 📱💜📱

What is Two-Way Text Messaging?

With two-way text messaging, your brand and its SMS subscribers can join the conversation and text it out. Whether it’s handling a customer support inquiry, hyping up your latest product launch, or gathering feedback to reshape future conversations, two-way texting is the best way to connect with your customers and give them the support they need.

Two-way texting finally lets you have real conversations with your customers. No more awkward silences or one-sided chats, it's time to get personal. When customers can connect with live agents (aka real humans), it helps reduce those pesky support requests, makes customers happier, and gets them more engaged. Plus, who wouldn’t love more conversions? It's a win-win!

As more and more people are glued to their smartphones, and texting becomes the go-to form of communication, two-way texting has become a no-brainer for brands looking to step up their SMS marketing strategy.

eCommerce Boost: The Two-Way Texting Strategy

eCommerce brands looking for a cost-effective way to collect data, resolve customer inquiries, and boost sales have met their perfect match.

Not knowing your target audience and what drives them could lead to costly mistakes and the potential loss of customers. Two-way texting lets you gather zero-party data, such as customer preferences, that can be used to tailor future messaging. Customers appreciate a personalized experience with your brand, and will be delighted by carefully crafted SMS that is made just for them. 

While customers crave human connections, they also want to work with brands who can quickly resolve any issues that may come up. By offering an efficient solution to customer inquiries, two-way texting enables your brand to not only fill your customer’s cup with a personalized experience, but to increase customer satisfaction in real-time

And what about the ROI? This is especially important for eCommerce businesses with limited funds who must make every dollar count. Two-way texting provides brands with an impactful way to boost revenue. 

In fact, one LiveRecover by Voyage customer who adopted this P2P messaging strategy saw a 6.4x increase in recovered checkouts that translated to over $289,000 in revenue.

Mastering the Customer Chat: Tips for Two-Way Texting Done Right

Having real-time communication with customers can seem overwhelming for a brand who is just getting started. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are some best practices to help you hit the ground running: 

  • Let ‘em know: Make it known that your brand offers two-way conversations. You can encourage customers by adding a simple line to your message like, "text us if you have any questions."
  • Be compliant: While the TCPA does not expressly require written consent for P2P SMS, we advise obtaining express consent to help establish the greatest level of trust with your customers. 
  • Get Personal: If you’re going to offer two-way texting, go all out! Personalize your messages for each individual customer’s preferences and behaviors. Customers love feeling heard are more likely to stick with a brand that listens to their needs and offers personalized support.
  • Respond promptly: No one likes being left on read. Be prompt with your responses and show your customers you're always there for them.
  • Track progress: Keep an eye on metrics like open rates, response times, and customer satisfaction to measure the success of your two-way text messaging efforts. This way you can see what’s working and make improvements as needed.

Supercharge Your eCommerce Customer Experience with LiveRecover by Voyage

Two-way text messaging is more than just quick sales. It’s about creating on-brand customer experiences that truly capture the essence of your business with real-time, personalized human interactions.

With LiveRecover by Voyage, it’s now easier than ever to convert your customers with care, at scale. Forget about AI — this is all made possible through conversational texting. Our live agents act as your brand ambassadors, trained to deliver thoughtful, helpful, and timely responses that embody the ethos of your brand.

Furthermore, LiveRecover by Voyage offers comprehensive analytics, facilitating tracking of success and enhancing the evolution of abandoned cart strategies.

Unlock the power of two-way texting: get a demo of LiveRecover by Voyage today.

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