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Features that drive effective conversations

Automations + live agents = the perfect combination.

Our features give you the best of both worlds: powerful automations with live agents at-the-ready to answer your customer's questions in real-time.

Connect your store and start the magic.

Integrate your e-commerce platform, shopping cart, and other e-commerce software to automatically send customer and order information to LiveRecover.

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LiveRecover Integrations
LiveRecover Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base empowers live agents.

Fill the Knowledge Base with product and company FAQs to help your live agents answer customer inquiries quickly — without intervention from your team.


Create and launch custom Workflows.

Only want us to reach out to first-time customers? Or maybe you want to exclude all carts less than $100 in value? Workflows make it easy to segment based on specific customer and cart information.

LiveRecover Workflows
How Workflows Work

Workflow example: Abandoned Checkout Recovery.

Live agents convert your abandoned checkouts into customers by answering common questions about your products through a one-to-one, personal conversation via text message.

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Step 1. Someone was close to purchasing, but didn't finish checking out.

Our e-commerce integrations automatically collect the information entered at checkout, so we can follow up with those customers manually.

Step 2. A live agent texts them to offer assistance to convert.

We use their contact info from the checkout process and contact them manually to understand why they didn’t purchase. The goal is to answer their questions and help them make a decision to buy.

Step 3. We answer their questions in real-time and help guide them through the purchase.

Some people hesitate to buy because of a few simple questions. An email can't answer these, but we can! A few common types of questions that we answer that delay purchases: shipping related, fit or measurement, and product-specific questions.

Step 4. With a small discount, and a human touch, we turn a lost sale into a new customer.

These people are hesitant to buy at first. But after answering a few questions and giving them a small discount with a link back to their cart, we turn the abandoned checkout into a sale.
LiveRecover Conversations

Real-time text messages powered by real people.

Live agents act as your brand ambassadors in every conversation with your customers. Think of them as an extension of your team who reduce support tickets while improving the customer experience and satisfaction.

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Insights that enable data-driven decisions.

Access advanced conversation insights and conversion reports. Dive into performance metrics by Workflows and A/B Tests, as well as product-specific performance and orders generated by our live agents.

LiveRecover Insights
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Get answers

Frequently asked questions.

How do you answer customer questions?

We get answers from the Knowledge Base inside your LiveRecover account, as well as existing FAQs and product descriptions on your website. Shipping-related, product fit or measurement, and other product-specific questions are some of the most common customer inquiries we help answer. If we've exhausted all methods (and only as a last resort), we'll forward customers to your support team.

When do you contact my customers?

15 hours daily. We are actively texting your customers every day of the week (including the weekends) between 8am-9pm in the timezone respective to each customer. Your customers will not receive texts during the quiet period, which is anytime before 8am and after 9pm in their respective timezone. Overnight messages are sent out the following morning.

What countries do you support?

We only text your customers if their mobile number is from the United States or Canada.

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