Make more money with SMS powered by live agents.

Make more money with SMS powered by live agents.

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Reach 6.5x more shoppers than standard SMS.

Boost your recovery rate by as much as 400%.

Experience 20x return on investment on average.


Close the SMS "reach gap" with human-powered text messages.

Here's the deal: over 80% of your abandoned checkouts are not targeted by your existing SMS marketing efforts. But the solution is right here. With our live agents powering SMS, we reach a larger audience of in-funnel customers and leads — reaching out to abandoned checkouts with a personalized, human touch to help convert the sale.

Guaranteed ROI

With our Standard pricing package, you only pay for the checkouts our live agents recover. Upgrade your package to pay a small monthly fee and lower the commission to as little as 5% of recovered sales.
Our Pricing

Instant, Risk-free Onboarding

There's no need to switch from your current automated SMS provider — we capture the shoppers they can't! Installing takes just a few clicks and completing setup takes just minutes. No risk. No lift.
Our Features

Up to 20x ROI guaranteed.

Only pay for the sales generated with the free plan.

Improve customer experience.

Integrate your store within minutes.

Conversational texting makes the difference

Create real-time, personalized brand experiences.

AI is so hot right now. But our live agents do what AI can't: reach more of your shoppers through text messages and delight them with a truly personalized experience.

What else can our live agents do? We're glad you asked:

  • Reduce support tickets by as much as 40%.
  • Boost your checkout recovery rate by up to 400%.
  • Reach 90%+ more potential shoppers.
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The results are as real as the conversations.

eCommerce brands of all sizes trust LiveRecover by Voyage to help build meaningful connections with their customers — and increase revenue.

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recovered sales by an online deals site in the first 6 months.


increase in checkout recovery by MONSTERBASS.


recovered revenue from abandoned checkouts by THINX.
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earned in recovered sales by Disco Skincare.
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powerful, easy-to-use features

Human-powered SMS for Shopify stores — made easy.

Get the tools you need to boost revenue with SMS. Recover abandoned checkouts, answer customer FAQs, and upsell in real time with real conversations powered by real people.

LiveRecover Knowledge Base
Features: knowledge base

The Knowledge Base empowers live agents.

The Knowledge Base empowers our Agents to answer customer questions quickly — reducing intervention from your team. Add custom frequently asked questions to populate your Knowledge Base in a flash.

LiveRecover Workflows
Features: Workflows

Create and launch custom Workflows.

Only want us to reach out to first-time customers? Or maybe you want to exclude all carts less than $100 in value? Workflows make it easy to segment based on your specific customer and cart information.

LiveRecover Conversations
Features: Conversations

View Conversations in real-time.

Live agents act as your brand ambassadors in every single conversation with your customers — which you can view in real-time. Think of them as an extension of your team who reduce support tickets while improving the customer experience.

LiveRecover Insights
Features: INSIGHTS

Insights that enable data-driven decisions.

See high-level performance metrics and drill-down into the details with real-time conversion reports. View orders generated by live agents or dive into Workflow-specific performance all from your Insights dashboard.

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Join leading eCommerce brands reaching 6.5x more shoppers and achieving 20x ROI.

No complicated setup. No more confused customers. Just real results. See the difference the human element can make for your business.

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